News from GIGI Studios Eyewear 9.6.2023


We invite you to express yourself through colors.

GIGI Studios presents a new collection called COLORAMA. Six new designs that express how color can influence our mood and behavior.

Energy, passion, peace, boldness, joy........... GIGI Studios invites us to express our identity and our emotions through the power of colors.

Each color used in COLORAMA models expresses a different mood: red represents passion and enthusiasm; orange, joy and creativity; green, freshness and harmony; blue, peace; purple, sass and sophistication; white, discreet simplicity; black, classic elegance.

The collection is made of high quality Italian acetate in exclusive new shades. Sunglass lenses made of CR39 material provide a flawless visual experience.

The models of the COLORAMA collection are designed in detailed angles and bevels that reflect and shine.

Characteristic brand quality and passion for design. Geometric shapes are an expression of style and identity.

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