Bollé is one of the pioneers of the eyewear industry, and puts performance, design and innovation at the core of its strategy. The brand remains, to this day, leader in the conception of sport and lifestyle sunglasses, ski goggles and ski and cycling helmets. The brand’s protective eyewear branch, called Bollé Safety, is also a leader in its field. The esthetic and high level of technicity of the products explain this leading status: Bollé strives to integrate the latest innovations of the market and never ceases to develop new technological solutions to improve the performance of its products.

Now, over 130 years later, Bollé products are distributed and worn all over the world. Bollé has developed a particular strength in the specialty markets of snow sports, water sports, golf, tennis, cycling and outdoor, as well as eyewear that meets everyday needs and styles.


Cycling helmets

Bollé cyklo

Ski helmets

Bollé prilby

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Ski goggles

Bollé goggle

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